Our People

Sam Emurwon: Local administrator

Sam was raised in Chelekura. He lives in Pallisa with his family and has a business in electrical engineering. He is a deacon in his church.

He travels regularly to the village to distribute money/equipment and provide oversight/updates on the work of CVP.



Martin Okirima: Village health worker

Martin and his family live in Chelekura. During the week he works as a primary school teacher in the area.

At weekends he runs a community health clinic using the “Where there is no doctor” manual. This clinic is free, as are the medicines provided. In the 18 months this clinic has run, no member of the village community has been admitted to hospital.




Papa Onyait John Jackson: Elder and councillor

Papa was formerly a Headmaster and in retirement has become Chairperson for the elderly at sub county level.

Papa provides oversight/input to CVP based on his years of service to the village and his knowledge of the community members and their needs.





Pastor Mudala: Pastor

Pastor lives in Chelekura with his family.

He is a big man with a big vision who is leading the local congregation spiritually and is believing for an increase in depth and commitment between believers which will impact the local area.




Martin Tukei & Edith Kayendeke: Assistant pastors

Martin and Edith have lived in Chelekura for all their lives and have raised their children there.

Edith was given a vision by God of the village church being rebuilt by outsiders, she and Martin held that vision in prayer and are now seeing the fulfillment of that via CVP and the church building project. They provide encouragement and focus to the community to continue building and believing.