Let us introduce you to 2 “adopted sons”

One of the very humbling things that can happen in Uganda, and elsewhere on our continent, is meeting young people with a passion for education that can make their lives, and those of their families, so much better. CVP likes to help support such motivated, and often gifted, young people.

In November Wendy met Simon (left) and Robert (right) at a hotel in Pallisa. She was struck by their servant hearts, their positive attitude to hard work and their great manners. From talking to them it was evident that both were desperate to progress in life and would thrive  if given the opportunity to pursue their education.

Since then they have become Wendy’s Ugandan “sons”, and she is very proud to be called their “mummy/aunty”. CVP has financed Robert to begin his training as a Certificate Nurse with our friends at Mbale School of Nursing and Midwifery as of January 2017. In March we hope to finance Simon to return to school with a view to completing high school and then going to take a Diploma in Tourism.Both young men’s lives will be changed positively.


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