Can you help?

CVP have received a request from our friends Martin and Edith in Chelekura. One of their sons Isaac has recently completed his school education and done well in all his subject areas. He has expressed a wish to train as a nurse and we are sure we can place him with our friends at Mbale to train there. All we lack is the necessary finance for his training.

Certificate Nursing takes 2 years of training and is similar, to those with memories going back over 20 years, to that of our wonderful enrolled nurses who used to be the backbone of ward nursing in the UK. Fees for tuition cost £4-500 per year and equipment about £300-350 per year.

If you think you could help sponsor Isaac please contact us either though the website or by phone on: (UK) 0161 766 7688. Thank you


What we’ve been up to recently

Firstly  we want to thank you for the time many of you have taken to visit the site and contact us with positive messages and encouragement.

In Eastern Uganda the rains are, we pray, coming very soon and our people are getting their gardens ready for planting. They are really trusting that God is going to bring the amount of rain the crops need. In the North of the country there has been failure of the rains twice and malnutrition is a real problem in one of the most fertile countries in Africa.

With the rain comes an increased risk of malaria and we have just sent money to Martin to buy his medical supplies in advance (the type of medical supplies we need varies from season to season).

Over the weekend Sam picked up the large consignment of Ateso bibles we promised local church leaders in November and these will be distributed in the next few days.

Robert is now settling into his studies for the Certificate in Nursing in Mbale and will soon be going onto the wards for his practical experience. CVP is providing the finance for his clinical kit; in Uganda student nurses/midwives have to provide not only their own uniform but also their own thermometers, disposable gloves, sutures etc. He is looking forward to this and we are looking forward to hearing good reports about his work.


Let us introduce you to 2 “adopted sons”

One of the very humbling things that can happen in Uganda, and elsewhere on our continent, is meeting young people with a passion for education that can make their lives, and those of their families, so much better. CVP likes to help support such motivated, and often gifted, young people.

In November Wendy met Simon (left) and Robert (right) at a hotel in Pallisa. She was struck by their servant hearts, their positive attitude to hard work and their great manners. From talking to them it was evident that both were desperate to progress in life and would thrive  if given the opportunity to pursue their education.

Since then they have become Wendy’s Ugandan “sons”, and she is very proud to be called their “mummy/aunty”. CVP has financed Robert to begin his training as a Certificate Nurse with our friends at Mbale School of Nursing and Midwifery as of January 2017. In March we hope to finance Simon to return to school with a view to completing high school and then going to take a Diploma in Tourism.Both young men’s lives will be changed positively.

NHS comes up with the goods!

A HUGE thank you to Kelly Hilton and her team in theatres at St Mary’s Hospital Manchester who have given us boxes and bags of equipment such as chest drains, cannulas, drapes, swabs etc. What isn’t used clinically will be used for teaching purposes.This kit will form the basis of our next consignment to Mbale School of Nursing & Midwifery.

For any medics reading this blog who may have anatomical models lying around, please think of the School, before throwing anything away! The Midwifery tutors have asked specifically if we can source a vaginal examination model for the students.



Karibou! Welcome!

This the first blog post of CVP and we hope you enjoy reading about our story and “meeting” our people and would love to have feedback from you; we are “a work in progress”!

As we grow and develop we hope to establish more links with other like minded projects and we are sending a big shout out to our friends in Solar Aid who are on our site as a link. Eva and the team do a fabulous work and we hope you will have a look at what they do both in Uganda and other African nations.

Please check back here regularly as we give you updates on our work. As we say in Uganda: